Ellen Page Nude

Ellen Page, the petite star of Juno makes up for her small stature with a huge personality and even bigger talent. The Canadian-born actress actually began working at the age of 10, appearing in the telefilm Pit Pony, which would later spin-off a television series. This led to roles in a number of small Canadian films and television series—notably playing Treena Lahey in Season 2 of Trailer Park Boys. At 16, she was cast in an independent film shot in Europe, Mouth to Mouth.

But it was 2005’s Hard Candy that really got her noticed. In it she played a 14-year-old girl who becomes the object of obsession of an older man, a photographer who is suspected of pedophilia. An afternoon of innocent flirting turns dangerously deadly when the tables are turned and she restrains him. The psychological thriller garnered raves for Ellen because of her edgy, slightly frightening, but completely authentic portrayal of a damaged teenager.

The role got the attention of director Brett Ratner who cast her as Kitty Pryde in the third X-Men movie which made over 400 million dollars worldwide making it her most successful movie to date. But it was 2007’s Juno that really turned her into an A-lister, garnering praise and awards for her portrayal of the pregnant titular teen character. She got an Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for the role.

Now, the self-proclaimed tomboy who grew up playing action figures and climbing trees has come into her own as a hot and sexy lady. Even though she’s a pro-choice feminist, she’s still very comfortable about her womanhood and sparingly uses her sexuality, but when she does it’s to good effect. And with these naked and sex pictures of Ellen Page, you see just how sexual she can be. Something tells me that we’ll see a more sexified Ellen in the near future. She has nowhere to go but slut. See more sexy nude Ellen here so check her out.