Ellen Page Getting Drilled By Two Cocks At Once

April 30th, 2010 by LimaBean

This babe is simply sizzling hotEllen Page has been on the pages of this blog lately because of her increasingly hardcore ways, and we like to support the career of a hottie like that.  Here we show Ellen getting her pussy and ass plugged by two very lucky guys, and we think this innocent-looking honey is just getting dirtier and dirtier!  I don’t think we’ve seen Ellen Page as hardcore as this before, so I think I applaud all this off-camera fun that she’s having.

Because what kind of fun it is!  You can see that she’s extremely happy about having both her twat and her asshole reamed by two really hard cocks at once.  It’s no wonder Juno got pregnant at such a young age with the appetite for fucking that this girls has!  But that’s just a film role, and this is the real thing.  Ellen Page should expand her career by going into hardcore porn next, just because she’s so good at it.  There are just a few porn stars out there who can get such thick cocks into their holes like this girl did in these pics.

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Ellen Page gets a facefull of spunk

March 24th, 2009 by LimaBean

There are just some girls who, upon seeing them, you just wanna do some very nasty things to them. Fuck them up the ass, slide your cock between their titties, and most of all, cum all over their faces. Ellen Page is one of those chicks for me. She just has that slightly tomboyish, somewhat innocent, yet a little bit of a naughty glint in their eye that makes you think she’ll let you do whatever you want to her – in and out of bed. Clearly, she already let someone do these things to her because I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Yes, the little knocked up girl from Juno and the superhero Kitty Pryde from X3 likes spunk on her face. She’s got a big smile on her face as she relishes the hot, sticky goo all over her nose, lips, and cheeks. She doesn’t even seem to mind some of the spunk getting in her eye since she’s all bright-eyed and calm. It would’ve been nice to see those tits covered in jizz, but the cumhungry bitch probably likes to scoop up all the spooge and lick it off her fingers. Or maybe spread it all over her face, therefore revealing the secret to her youthful look.

In this candid, she’s just casually lounging around giving a sexy look to the camera. Completely unmindful of the fact that her cute boobies are out on display. I’m not sure if this is before or after the spunk-session, but it doesn’t matter ’cause she looks like she’s just about ready for another load. In her hand, a bottle of edible oil, inviting the photographer to come on over and rub oil all over her body before he fucks her silly. Each thrust would bring her closer to the precious jizz she oh-so-loves all over her face.

These Hollywood chicks sure do some pretty nasty things behind closed doors. Well, I guess we all do, but when a hot honey like Ellen Page does it, it’s seems a bit more nasty. And she’s got more of these that you can find over here. So check it out and get into the nasty!

Ellen Page is a sexy naked schoolgirl

March 24th, 2009 by LimaBean

Since she’s primarily known for playing teenage schoolgirls, Ellen Page has pretty much carved her own niche in Hollywood. But all of her teenage roles seem to have this sarcastic, edgy side to them. The acerbic pregnant high schooler in Juno, the scary psycho teen in Hard Candy, even the tough-as-nails superhero Kitty Pride in X3. Not exactly sexy teenage schoolgirl, is it?

Well, thank goodness these pics were around to give us a more accurate image of what type of characters little Miss Page should be playing. She seems a perfect fit for the slutty cheerleader who goes topless at the drop of a hat. I can see her disrobing in the locker room after a sweaty cheerleading practice session. Stripping off her top, her boobs are exposed since she never wears a bra, what with her tight, hard boobies she doesn’t really need one. Zipping off her plaid pleated skirt, I imagine the entire football team walking in, seeing her hot body, and just gang-banging her on the locker room floor until the bell for the next period rings.

Then, switching gears for a second, she’s also capable of pulling off that hot and sexy nerd, you know, the one who doesn’t know just how fuckable they are. Alone in the computer lab, surrounded by gadgets and doodads, the walls covered with posters of equally geeky stuff, she goes on-line and enters some sex chat room where some horny daddy wants a good view of her petite frame and hairless cunt. Since she’s all alone in the class, she gladly obliges and strips off all her school clothes and gives the pervy daddy the show of his life.

So whether playing the popular cheerleader who literally fucks the football team, or the hot nerdy girl who likes to expose herself on the net for sick old daddy types, Ellen Page indulges your fantasies no matter what your tastes are. Which only proves one thing – she’s a damn good actress! Check out more of her here, along with some other, ahem, talented celebrities who bring your fantasies to life.

Ellen Page naked and naughty pics

March 24th, 2009 by LimaBean

Juno star Ellen Page is one petite, sexy fuck. Since she’s so tiny and totally young-looking, she’s always playing a teenager or a high school kid who, almost always does some naughty things in her movies. Pregnant teen, homicidal youth, seductress. She’s played them all, and to good effect. It’s just that mixture of sexiness and innocence that just make you wanna fuck her silly until her small, tight body is heaving with orgasm. We can only imagine what her naked body looks like since she hasn’t stripped on film (yet), but now, you can imagine no more.

I found these very very sexy nude pics of Ellen Page and decided to share them with you. And clearly this petite stunner has a nasty streak in her. Whether she’s flashing her small but pert titties from underneath a girlie pink hoodie, or letting it all hang out while sitting on a throw pillow with nothing else on except a few trendy bracelets, Ellen ain’t afraid to show her stuff, because she knows that big hotness comes in small packages.

Sometimes, she likes to dress up in sexy lingerie, pulling the thong panties aside to reveal her dark bush and pink pussy. She likes the feel of those undies pulling up against her pussy lips, just like the feel of her silk bra pulled down over her tits, framing them nicely while slightly pushing them up. The smile on her face is enough to know that she’s really enjoying us getting off on her showing her goods. Other times, she likes to play around with pantyhose, ripping them off and stretching them against her wet twat. She isn’t a girly-girl so the idea of pantyhose to her is a little frilly therefore she attacks them in an aggressively sexy way.

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